Urban Policy

My Urban Policy will have four areas of focus: Affordable Housing, Small Business, Urban Development, and Sustainability. By designing policy focused on these areas of growth, residents can ensure the City maintains the balance between suburban and urban living and doing so in an ecologically balanced manner rooted in social justice and equity.

Affordable Housing

In the greater Metro Area at risk populations for homelessness include Black, Indigeneous, LGBTQIA, and formerly incarcerated. In Roseville, roughly 40% of renters are considered cost burdened - those whom pay more than 30% of their income on housing and concerned community members estimate around 175 homeless children are in Roseville.

I will support Affordable Housing efforts in Roseville through Urban Policy and rezoning to ensure multi-generational families and seniors have options to live in Roseville and age in place.

As a Council Member I will continue to be an advocate for those at risk for losing their housing or currently facing homelessness.

If elected I will fight to eliminate homelessness and cost burdened households in Roseville by 2030.

With the following policy goals I will work to ensure housing in Roseville, whether renting or buying, is first and foremost attainable, accessible, and works for them:

Expand Protections for Renters

Urban Policy to promote Affordability

Create a Network of Support

Small Business

Urban development can positively contribute towards a city’s growth when given direction. As a Council Member I will have a clear vision of Roseville’s future and I will fight to ensure our city is built for long term residents and families. By offering locally owned, accessible goods and services our community thrives twofold: as the resident and the local business owner. I will fight to promote equal access to owning a business for marginalized communities.

I will adopt an urban policy which supports the small business owner by: