Community-City Relationship

As a Council Member my number one priority will be the City’s relationship with the Community. We are elected to represent your voices at City Hall. I promise to restore this relationship with our community. In addition to my commitment to people before profit I will focus on the relationship between our police and the community, work to expand the responsibilities of the Volunteer Coordinator, and create supplemental Community Advisory Boards to work hand in hand with our City Committees.

Rebuild the Community-Police Relationship

Expansion of Volunteer Coordinator

The City of Roseville currently has a Volunteer Coordinator which is responsible for planning and hosting events for residents. As a Council Member, I will work to ensure the expansion of the Volunteer Coordinator’s role.

Areas of expansion for the Volunteer Coordinator will include:

Establishment of Community Advisory Boards

Community advisory boards are bottom-up opportunities for residents to communicate their concerns to the City. The boards will allow the community an opportunity for their experience, expertise, and input to address the larger concerns of the City’s future.

There are three primary boards I have proposed. Working in tandem with the residents is the surest way an Urban Policy is inclusive and accessible to all residents. These boards are intended to be representative of our community at large, while also providing a voice to those often excluded from the decision making process. They include: