We must anticipate the City’s needs and be responsible in our financial planning for the future! As a Council Member, I will work towards a fiscal policy which promotes a balanced budget and protects our residential homeowners from increasing property taxes. My budget policy includes pursuing alternative revenue generating solutions and prioritizing our City’s investments.

I will prioritize our goods and services by fighting for those that will improve the overall quality of life for all residents. Such budget items include investments that will ensure the safety and livelihood of all residents, specifically investments in affordable housing, sustainability, and policing tools.

Utilizing Conservation Pricing where fees are calculated by usage, we can hold our corporations and manufacturers accountable for their consumption and pollution. This can increase their contributions’ to the city while also providing an incentive for corporations to monitor their consumption and pursue environmentally sustainable alternatives.

Additionally, I will work with my fellow Council Members to propose an Occupational Privilege Tax for those who commute to work in Roseville. Currently Roseville employs over 32,000 non-residents. If elected, I will structure the Occupational Privilege Tax to ensure exemptions and considerations are made for those living below the poverty line and that the tax does not drive away economic growth. If each employee paid $5.00 every pay period, in a year Roseville could generate an additional $4.1 Million in revenue.